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Bowling Pin Match

  • 14 Jul 2018
  • 9:00 AM
  • Belton Gun Club


Bowling Pin Match 8am July 14, 2018

3 Divisions:

1.  Service Auto Minor Power Factor

2.  Service Auto Major Power Factor (.40 S&W or larger)

3.  Revolver

a.          Single Actions may bring a second pistol to the line.  First pistol must be safely holstered before the second pistol may be drawn from the weak side holster or off table.

*** an optics division may be ran separate if enough shooters compete.



1.       Holsters

    a.  A strong side holster is required, no cross-draws or shoulder rigs allowed due to safety.

    b.   Single Action revolvers may use a weak side holster (Cowboy style)

2.       Time

      a.     Course will be ran with 5 runs with the slowest time dropped.  Match may be restricted to 4 runs if many shooters show up.

      b.          Lowest total time wins

      c.          Shot timer will be used

      d.          Time starts at buzzer sound, time stops when last pin clears the table (keep shooting to clear the table).

     e.          Maximum time of 30 seconds per run.

3.       Match entry fee is $15 per person, single entry per person.  

4.       Range Rules

       a.          Cold range rules, pistols may only be loaded at the line under Safety Officer supervision.

       b.          Safety table will be available to work on pistols or practice, no ammunition may be at the safety table.

       c.          Any handling of pistol away from safety table or at firing line will be automatic DQ.

       d.       Any accidental discharge or horseplay will be an automatic DQ.

5.       Unlimited magazine capacity, unlimited reloads under 30 seconds.

6.       125 rounds of ammunition is recommended per division.


         a.  Major power will have pins set at 12 in from front table edge.

         b.  Minor power will have pins set at 18 in from front table edge.

8.       Held at bottom multiplex pistol bay under containment shed.

*** Any shooters that can stay and help clean up will be greatly appreciated.  If shooters will help reset pins and pre-stage equipment the match will run much faster.  Recommend bringing water and a light snack, weather is expected to be in the 90s.


Future Match

As a discussion point, there will be a snubby style match for 3" equivalent revolvers or Glock 19 size pistols at the July dinner club match.  Pistol w magazine must fit in 6.125 x 7.25 x 1.625 inch box.  Distance will be 8 yards on a 2x6 w 4 pins.  Dust off your J frames and pocket autos and come have fun!

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For information call (864)318-4383 or email by following this link: Club Secretary

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